Onglematic 7 Onglematic 7
Designed for long-term use.
Can be used as regular guillotine.
Guillotine offers many possibilities.
For your documentation and indexes.
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  • Tab cutting positioning stop is automatically controlled by the system’s in-built microprocessor, which calculates the tab length and chapter number according to the desired number of tabs entered on the keypad.
  • The Onglematic Model 5 Manual Tab Cutter can cut 10-15 sheets of 80 gr. paper at once or the equivalent of cardboard, polyethylene or up to 400 gr paper. The tab length and cuts are proportionate to the required number of tabs or separators.
  • The Onglematic 5 has a inch/mm rule, a tab depth up to 1,8mm, cutting length of 30.5 mm, and can cut up to 31 equal tabs on the length of standard A4Paper. Machine sold with standard cutting shape option, additional cutting shapes are available. Cutting shapes are not interchangeable, call if you would like additional information on cutting shape options before placing your order.
Model Number of indexes Size of media Tabs of variable lengths Automatic sheet clamp Positioning Cuts at once
CO 7 А4 2-31 297 mm - - automatic 20 - 25 sheets
CO 7 A4 GP 2-31 all formats up to 320 mm - yes automatic 35 - 40 sheets
CO 7 P+ 2-31 all formats up to 320 mm yes - automatic 20 - 25 sheets
CO 7 A4 GP 2-31 all formats up to 320 mm yes yes automatic 35 - 40 sheets
These parameters are for a model with a standard 15 º angle. We also offer other types of profiles cutting.
Attention! The desired index should be selected when ordering the guillotine.
  • Model СО 7
  • Number of tabs / index all formats up to  320 mm
  • Size of paper 210 and 297 mm
  • Positioning automatic
  • Max. capacity to cut paper1 10 - 15 sheets 80 gr/m2
  • Dimensions 70 x 52 x 96 mm
  • Weight (nett) 55 kg
1 Depends of materials parameters. Can cut 10-15 sheets of 80 gr. paper at once (can also cut 180 g, 250 g, 400 gr, cardboard and polypropylene). 2 Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance .
  • If not stated explicitly, die-guillotine equipped standard with a knife that cuts indexes by 15 ° angle. The optimal width for the index is up to 18 mm.
  • Commonly used is the option where the angle of the cutting angle is 90 °. The optimal width for the index is up to 18 mm.
  • Inner rounding of the index is also available as putting this knife should be described in the order in advance. The optimal width for the index is up to 18 mm.
  • Tab shape:
    Inclined round corner.
  • This is the so-called "American index type" of an index. It gives a special effect and complements very well the design of the page. You can choose one of two possible options: 12.7 or 15 mm.

Onglematic 7 in action.

  • Onglematic 7 in action.

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Why HSS type of steel is being used to make knives guillotines?

Високоскоростна стомана (от англ. High Speed Steel HSS)
Високоскоростна стомана (HSS или HS) е подгрупа на инструменталните стомани, обикновено използвани в работните инструменти и режещите инструменти. Когато се използва в машинно срещу твърдосплавен инструмент всъщност се реже материала, а не го “стриже”. Тази стомана често се използва в електрическите гилотини, триони и свредла. Тази стомана е по-добра от по-старите високовъглеродни стомани широко използвани през 1940 г. с това, че могат да издържат на високи температури без да губи своята нрав (твърдост). Това свойство позволява на HSS да реже по-бързо от високо въглеродната стомана, откъдето идва и името й високоскоростна стомана.

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