Paperfox S-3 Paperfox S-3
Excellent solution giving you freedom to apply.
Can cut up to 2 cm
Heavy duty metal construction
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  • With this device you can Soften the corners of business cards, stationery, playing cards, promotional materials and any other materials made ​​of cardboard, paper, foil, PVC or similar materials. Work is easy and needs no special training.
    The Paperfox S-3Cornerrounder is a really robust cornerrounder, direct from manufacturer at an affordable price. You can cut about 50 cardboard cards with a single movement. The long life knives are made from hardened and grinded steel.
  • Changing the blade is easy and fast. Standard mounted 8 mm radius cut, and 4 mm is included. The product is made of quality steel and can withstand long-term use. Produced in Hungary.
  • Guarantee 24 months
  • Maximum cutting depth up to 20 mm
  • Offered radius1 8 and 4 mm
  • Type of use Hand
  • Maximum angle for rounding poster  8 mm
  • Minimum angle for rounding for business cards 4 mm
  • Accessories and supplies included
  • Machine dimensions (W х D х H) 25 x 15 x 35 см
  • Nett weight 7 kg.
¹ Usually 8 mm knife is mounted in the S-3. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. Possible typographical errors, please excuse us if there are any.
  • Heavy duty plastic plates for S-3 cornerronder. Long lifetime, because you can use this plate in different position and you can use the other side of the plate.

C-3 videopresentation

  • C-3 videopresentation

Paperfox S-3
Price: 34236 (EURO price without VAT )
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Честотата на смазване на шредера се определя от редица фактори. Първо на всички кръстосано режещи шредери (ниво 3 нагоре) трябва да бъдат смазвани по-често, отколкото тези, които режат на ленти. На второ място, шредерите, които се използват по-често се нуждаят от по-често смазване. Устройства, които са наистина под сериозно използване трябва да се смазват приблизително веднъж на всеки четири часа, докато една при

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