Paperfox KB-32 Paperfox KB-32
Bottom part has been made with KB-32
Excellent solution giving you freedom to apply.
Offerс a wide range of solutions.
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  • Paperfox KB-32 is creasing and punching machine is ideal for creasing digital print, covers prior to booklet-making, Christmas cards, menus, invitations or punching paper, card, thin plastic.
    Creasing allows simple bending of folders, wedding announcement, invitations, publicity material etc.
    The machine can be used to punch or cut cartoons, papers or plastic sheets.
  • - Heavy duty metal construction
    - Interchangeable knives
    - Custom made knives are available
    - You can crease even the sensitive digital prints because the rubber creasing plate eliminates the fibre cracking
    - There are a lot of additional possibilities.
  • Guarantee 24 months
  • Maximum cutting depth up to 320 mm
  • Type of use Hand
  • Max.paper weight 400 гр/м2
  • Accessories and supplies included
  • Machine dimensions (W х D х H) 56 x 62 x 14,5 см
  • Nett weight 12,5 кг.
The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. Possible typographical errors, please excuse us if there are any.
  • You can make the KB-32 creasing and punching machine more accurate and comfortable with the MA-500 working table. Up on request, not included in machine's price.
  • We offer various kinds of die-cut forms that can easily be worn and used.
  • This is the semicircle to cut the heads of the calendars to put on a hook.

KB-32 in action

  • KB-32 in action

  • How can you die cut photos with the Paperfox KB-32 die cutter

  • Limit bumper for Paperfox KB-32

  • Register die cutting

Paperfox KB-32
Price: 20361 (EURO price without VAT )
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