Maxit II – 30 Maxit II – 30
Excellent solution giving you freedom to apply.
Bonds to each other any kind of any media.
Two buttons and one lamp. Reliable and simple.
With the "open time" at least two years.
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  • MAXIT II - SYSTEM FOR APPLICATION OF DRY glue on different surfaces: paper, leather, fabric, Plexiglas, foam cardboard ETC.Ever since its launch of our new generation desktop applicators Maxit, we knew it would greatly facilitate your work because Maxit offers a number of advantages that any professional would appreciate.This is a device that converts any media into sticker: cardboard, leather, cardboard, PVC, tin, EVA, and even glass. No more compact and versatile solution for making stickers that!
  • Device which you can really easy to work.
    Work with Maxit is very easy. No need for any special training or previous experience. Maxit II has only one button on / off switch and indicator light showing willingness to work. The device can be switched on throughout the day , without causing the loss of adhesive or productivity . The system is equipped with a power-operated shaft , one is automatically heated to the required operating temperatures up to about 40 minutes ( time will vary depending on the room temperature for work). Virtually silent motor starts to rotate at a constant speed (5 meters per minute).
  • HOW IT WORKS applicator?
    Insert your printout that you want to be coated with an adhesive between two rotating shafts and automatically passing between them will emerge with the finely applied adhesive layer on one side. The temperature of the shaft does not affect in any way the prints and does not change color! The applied film is thin (no bubbles), sufficient for a good bonding. At the end of the day you only need to turn it off. No need for cleaning or other special care. Plus, the glue does not stick to your fingers and make your work clean and pleasant.
  • Applied glue providing permanent connection as between the two surfaces (except paper can be wood, metal, Styrofoam, concrete, glass, plastic ...). The good news is that the adhesive does not lose its viscosity and anytime you can stick it, press it to the surface you want. The so-called "Open the time" when it is very long - about two years. This is a small device which increases yours productivity and save a lot of money and time. You become independent from contractors and flexible to our clients.
    The new generation glue MX II model, which we produce, is created to provide excellent adhesion to all surfaces. You need a very thin layer to get quality bonding. After application of the adhesive layer on the printout, he dries like ordinary adhesive, so you can always stick it as safely position the print on the base. Once stuck on a surface, it can not or very difficult to get out. Therefore, please be sure that you want to stick it .
  • MX-II can stick except on paper and cardboard: Styrofoam, wood, metal, plastic and many other surfaces. The adhesive is completely safe, non-toxic and does not burn. Resists water. Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane packets that are self melted in the glue tank together with glue.Small device which increases their productivity and save a lot of money time. You become independent contractors and flexible for our clients.
  • Guarantee 24 months
  • Rotation speed 1 m per 12 seconds
  • Max. width for gluing 29,5  см
  • Opening width 1-10 mm
  • Standby time¹ 20-40 min
  • Special cares, prevention No
  • Working space² 40 х 40 см
  • Temperature regulation Yes
  • The adhesive can glue on all surfaces
  • Power connection 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Machine dimensions (W х D х H) 66 х 36 x 25 см
  • Box dimensions (W х D х H) 81  х 48 x 39 см
  • Nett weight 13,6 kg.
¹ standby time depends on the ambient temperature in the room. ² For models with a working width of 30 cm. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. Possible typographical errors, please excuse us if there are any.

Maxit in action

  • Maxit in action

  • Installation video

Maxit II – 30
Price: 90722 (EURO price without VAT )
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