Fastbind Fotomount mounting sheet

Fastbind Fotomount mounting sheet
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  • The innovative Fastbind FotoMount™ product line now allows printers and photographers to create premium tailor-made PhotoBooks from photographic paper, card, laminated material, copy paper and basically any prints. Fastbind PhotoBook mounting sheets™ form the core of the book block and Fastbind PhotoBook end sheets™ attach your book block to the cover.
    Designed for ease of use.
    Controlled constant high quality.
    Safe to use with Silver Halide, InkJet and Laser prints.
    Does not affect the colours.
  • Highest quality non-toxic material ensures exclusive quality for each book made to last for decades. The supply material has guaranteed shelf-life of up to three years.
    Fastbind FotoMount Mounting Sheets™ bind the photo book (content) and they are compatible with any printing method. The unique design enables exceptional open-ability without straining the prints. The product has been developed with world-leading printer manufacturers and paper mills
    Fastbind FotoMount End Sheets™ attach the book block to the cover. They come in black and white colors and two thicknesses: 200 & 850 mic.
Code Item name Size Thickness Package Number
722002 Sticker 333 х 230 mm 200 mic. box 4х100 pcs.
722007 Sticker 333 х 318 mm 200 mic. packet 3х100 pcs.
722022 Sticker 333 х 230 mm 850 mic. box 50 pcs.
722015 Sticker 440 х 318 mm 200 mic. packet 3х100 pcs.
722008 Sticker 457 х 457 mm 200 mic. packet 100 pcs.
This type of stickers can not be used in Fastbind thermal binding machines!
It is not possible to fulfill orders for less than indicated in the table minimum quantities.
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You can bind faster than you can print

Binding system allows the binding to three books per minute. The productivity of a printer, printing on cardboard is approximately equal to that of FASTBIND devices. There are faster printers are able to print up to three pages per second. As a book most often has 60 or more pages, one Fastbind machine can podvarzva a rate exceeding that of the fastest printers. For example, if print material with a volume of 180 pages   FASTBIND will bind three times faster than the printer will print it.

“A narrow entrance” to the automatic printing of books
(Comparing Time Goes various stages

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