IDEAL 5009-3 IDEAL 5009-3
"Eats" even whole files!
Shredder is designed for long-term use.
Useful and beautiful wooden case.
Large container for waste.
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  • High-capacity shredder EBA 7050-2-C

    This powerful giant destroys complete files including metal binding mechanisms. High capacity document shredder with large feeding table and conveyor belt; “2-SPEED” – two automatic speed levels (automatic adaption of the shred speed to the paper quantity fed); high shred capacity of up to 700 sheets at a time;
  • shreds complete lever arch files including metal binding mechanics; electrically secured, pivoting safety guard in the feeding area; easy-to-use control panel with push buttons for forward/stop/reverse and optical indicators for operational status of the shredder; safety lock and key, main switch and emergency cut-off switch;
  • robust cutting mechanism made of high-quality, tempered steel, unaffected by soft metal objects; 2 years guarantee on the solid steel cutting shafts;
  • electronic control prevents overfeeding: automatic reverse and re-feeding in case of paper jam; automatic cut-off when shred bag is full and in case of paper jam; centralised oiler for easy lubrication;
  • closed shred compartment with electronically secured door on the rear side of the machine; shred trolley on swivel castors with plastic bag mounting frame (300 litres); powerful three-phase motors (9.0 kW); movable on castors; colour: Manhattan grey.
    Quality "Made in Germany"
  • Application  High-capacity
  • Guarantee  2 years
  • Security level (DIN 66399)  P - 3
  • Shred type  cross cut
  • Shred size  6 х 50 mm
  • Sheet capacity (70g/m²) 300-400
  • Sheet capacity (80g/m²) 250-300
  • Operating speed 0.23 - 0.12 m/s
  • Volume (cabinet | shred bin) 300 litres
  • Power connection 400 V / 50-60 Hz / 3 kW
  • Dimensions (W х D х H)   1036 x 2170 x 1714 mm
  • Nett weight    1130 kg.
  • Order Number 70509331
  • EAN 4019364773310
  • GS certificate № DP 120088
¹ Has 24 months guarantee, which can be extended up to 60 months. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

Made in Balingen

  • Made in Balingen

  • EBA 7050 video presentation

IDEAL 5009-3
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Shredders securitty levels

Новия стандарт за сигурност при шредерите DIN 66399

той заменя досегашния DIN 32757.

Най-значините промени са:
Три категории за защита
Определянето на изискванията за защита и разпределението на класа за защита, както и на нивата на сигурност обслужващи класификацията на възникващите данни.
Шест категории на материалите
За първи път в нормата определя различните класификации на материалите, отразява размера на информацията представена на носителя на данните (документи на хартиен носител, оптични, магнитни или електронни носители на данни и твърди дискове).
Седем нива на сигурност
Вместо предходните пет нива на сигурност, новият стандарт DIN 66399 определя седем нива на сигурност. Една основните разлики от

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