Fastbind PurEva XT Fastbind PurEva XT
PUR i EVA glue in 1 machine!
Flexible solution for every bindery.
New spine roughening.
Quickly and effectively prepare the paper for gluing.
Interchangable glue cartridges.
You can do it for a few seconds without loss of the glue.
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  • The Fastbind Pureva XT offers digital finishing a compact and versatile all-in-one solution for high quality PUR and EVA production. Now anyone can take advantage of the PUR technology with a remarkably low investment and use as a bonus one machine for all binding needs: thanks to its integrated casing-in system, Pureva XT produces effortlessly both soft and hard cover books for higher margins and a versatile product range.
  • Making hardcover books used to require special knowledge, skills and/or heavy machinery. Not anymore.
    Fastbind hot melt binders are considered as the most versatile perfect binding machines on the market. Even personalized hardcover books are easy to make in the formats up to A3 + and with thickness up to 50 mm/1.97 in or up to 920 pages*!
  • New patented glue mechanism
    With traditional PUR machines, maintenance can be expensive and time consuming, making it hard to ensure a reliable finishing process in order to meet deadlines. PUREVA XT’s innovative glue mechanism is easily cleaned or even changed, thanks to economical glue cartridges making it possible to change from PUR to EVA in seconds. Electronic adjustable temperature control with single button operation when switching between glue types.
  • New PGO Microcut roughener for coated paper stocks

    Fastbind PUREVA XT features the new Fastbind PGO Microcut roughener. It provides an optimized cutting pattern that increases glue penetration for better binding strength. Unlike other spine rougheners that grind the spine creating lots of noise and dust, the PGO opens the paper grain with very little noise and almost no paper dust!
  • Production speed / hour² 60 - 180
  • Min-max binding thickness 0,1 / 45 mm
  • Max. binding height up to 455 mm
  • Min. - Max. binding length 140-320 mm
  • Voltage/ Frequency / Current 220-240 / 50-60 / 3,8А
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 107 x 60 x 64 cm
  • Box dimensions (W x D x H) 130 x 80 x 85 cm
  • Net/gross weight 90 / 98 kg
¹ Production time depends on operator. ² Depending on specification of material. ³ Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. 4 The Geprüfte Sicherheit ("Tested Safety") or GS mark is a voluntary certification mark for technical equipment. It indicates that the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements for such devices. The main difference between GS and CE mark is that the compliance with the European safety requirements has been tested and certified by a state-approved independent body. CE marking, in contrast, is issued for the signing of a declaration that the product is in compliance with European legislation. The GS mark is based on the German Equipment and Product Safety Act ("Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz", or "GPSG". Although the GS mark was designed with the German market in mind, it appears on a large proportion of electronic products and machinery sold elsewhere in the world. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance..
  • The hard-cover tool-kits consist of a hard-cover nipping bar and a special paper guide. They make it possible for you to bind hard cover books with your Fastbind binding machine. Two different models are available for A4+ size (Secura, Elite) or SRA3 size (Elite XT, PurEva XT) Fastbind binders.

Pureva XT Hard Cover Binding

  • Pureva XT Hard Cover Binding

  • PUREVA XT - glue change

  • PUREVA XT Pur cleaning

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The structural sectional view of the paper


Pay attention to the processes following printing:
– Dense coatings cause difficulties in subsequent fitting and gluing of book block.
– To make it easier for a person who will read a book, the paper should not be too white (the strong whiteness tired of the eyes).
– There must be a balance between the mass and the opacity of the paper (the text should not be visible).
– Offset, laser or ink jet printing must match the paper used.
– It’s a good idea to avoid too thin or too thick material to make a

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