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  • Fully automatic case maker machine to run book covers or mono piece works in different sizes for Short/Medium runs. High standard level and accuracy.
    Fast and easy change over time by a computerized system and simple operations.
  • The performance is up to 1,200 book covers / hour with 1-man operation. Most settings are made automatically on the touch screen. The conversion takes only a few minutes. The DARIX-TURBO can be used to laminate heavy-weight sheets or to display calendars or filing cabinets.
    The machine can also carry out very special works such as structures with reclined windows.
  • It is suitable, among other things, for the production of hardcover books, photo book covers, custom book binders, digital print books, CD boxes, puzzles, binders, video clips, board games for social games and panels in various editions and sizes. Can add up to 6 items (available as standard with 3).
  • The glue-greasing section integrated into the machine holds 20 kg of glue and applying it on to the cover of the future cover / box. The equipment also allows for gripping and water-based glue. Appropriate clothing can be: digital printed sheets, laminated media, flax materials or plastic coatings. The glue used keeps even a tough and hard covering material to the coat (natural leather eg). The adhesive section has a built-in viscometer for automatically adjusting the viscosity of the glue by computerized setup, a glue mixer set and a glue level sensor as well as an automatic water supply to maintain the viscosity of the glue during operation.
  • The Italian company SAMED INNOVAZIONI srl specializes in manufacturing various semi-automatic and fully automatic paper finishing machines. The company has a number of patents and improvements in post-print production processes.
  • Min. case opened size (W x L)¹ 19 x 16 cm
  • Max case opened size(W x L)¹ 46 x 90 cm
  • Spine width Min: 10 / Max: 100 mm
  • Min. thickness of the board 1,5 mm
  • Max. thickness of the board ² 46 mm
  • Overlap covering material Min: 15 / Max: 30 mm
  • Cover material types Textile, laminated paper, imitation-leather, PVC polyurethane
  • Cover material thickness From 80 up to 400 g/m²
  • Glue tank capacity ³ 20 kg Hot animal glue
  • Productivity Up to 20pcs / minute
  • Timerfor glue heating To programme the switching
  • Compressed Air 6 Bar 800 L/h
  • Viscosimeter automatic control of the glue viscosity
  • Machine Dimensions X Export (LxWxH) 280 x 200 x 180 cm
  • Electrical Power 10 kW; 400 Volts; 3 Phases + G+N 50/60Hz
  • Net/gross weight 1700 / 1800 kg
¹ Depending on the specification of the material. ² Possibility to work different board thickness on the same cover ³ Cold glue for lining works only Darix Evolution Turbo™ system is patented. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. We are trying description, photos and specifications of the products to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items offered in our web-page, inevitably sometimes to make errors. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thanks.
  • Extra size machine = 700 x 900 mm
  • Kit to feed up to 5 board pieces

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