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  • The FoilTech FT-22F is the automatic feed version of the FT-22 and is the latest in the range of foil fusing machines and incorporates two foil roll holders for side by side foiling! A second set of foil support and rewind shaft makes two colors of foils can be fused to the toner images on the same sheet in a single pass. This friction feed model incorporates a fully digital control panel for accurate setting of both temperature and speed, thereby ensuring that any repeat job can be simply and quickly re-established.
  • FoilTech FT-22F is a friction feed unit and which has adjustable spring pressure on the lower feed plate to ensure the stock engages with the feed wheels. The machine also has a sprung loaded friction plate which reduces the chances of two sheets being fed at the same time beneath the centre feed wheel.
  • Besides, FoilTech FT-22F uses two adjustable side guides for ease of operation. The machine will accept sheets up to 320 mm wide. Users can adjusted individually by loosening the knurled knob and sliding the guide left and right to the desired position in the available range.
  • There is a device on the FoilTech FT-22F to minimize the foil waste. A paper sensor which is mounted on the lower plate of the feed tray detects stock in the feeder and which will stop the feeder running when stock is no longer detected.
  • Not only is the FT-12F a foil fuser, but also it is available in a range of colors and effects, including wallpaper holograms. A certain quantity of greeting cards, business cards, certificates, and other personalized products can always be enhanced with foil easily and quickly using FoilTech FT-22F.
  • The FT-22F is just one model in Langri’s extensive range of digital foiling machines. Be sure to check out the full range on our website to ensure you have chosen the right model for you and your business. Choosing FoilTech FT-22F, the smart digital finishing machine, will be a huge help for your efficient and economic foil fusing production!
  • Feeding form Friction, Top Feed
  • Feed system Automatic feed
  • Min. paper size (W x L) 11 x 14 cm
  • Max. paper size (W x L) 34 x 48 cm
  • Foil Rolls 2 pieces
  • Foil Rolls size (long x wide) 150м x 320 mm
  • Paper Weight 60 g/m2 - 400 g/m2
  • Paper Quality All Qualities 1
  • Maximum Roll Width 32 cm
  • Minimum Roll Width 5 cm
  • Temperature Range 80℃ ~ 140℃ 2
  • Humidity 20% -70 РХ
  • Operation Touch Screen
  • Cleaning Not necessary
  • Warm-up Time 10-15 minutes (прибл.)
  • Processing speed cm/min. 80 ~ 325
  • Sheet extracting in collection tray
  • Power: 240 / 50-60 Hz
  • Dimension of the machine  (W x D х H) 67 x 52 x 22 см
  • Dimension of the machine (W x D х H) 64 x 60 x 36 см
  • Weight brutto/netto 26 / 38 kg.
   Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. ¹ We highly advice you to make a test first and then to run all job. ² The right temperature, depends of media, image and working conditions. PS. We are trying description, photos and specifications of the products to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items offered in our web-page, inevitably sometimes to make errors. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you..

Foiltech FT12F Auto Feeder

  • Foiltech FT12F Auto Feeder

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The structural sectional view of the paper


Pay attention to the processes following printing:
– Dense coatings cause difficulties in subsequent fitting and gluing of book block.
– To make it easier for a person who will read a book, the paper should not be too white (the strong whiteness tired of the eyes).
– There must be a balance between the mass and the opacity of the paper (the text should not be visible).
– Offset, laser or ink jet printing must match the paper used.
– It’s a good idea to avoid too thin or too thick material to make a

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