Planning a Hard Cover

Planning a Hard Cover
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With Casematic range it is possible to make covers from from Letter-half to Letter sizes. Fastbind Casematic XT produces also large format covers up to SRA3 portrait or A4 landscape. Maximum thickness for the cardboards is 3 mm.
Fastbind offers high quality tacking paper for cover printing
It is recommended to use Fastbind’s high quality tacking sheets for best results. The printable sheets are available for laser and ink-jet printers. The laser sheet Standard size is 329 x 500 mm and Large format 326 x 660 mm. The ink-jet sheet Standard size is 329 x 530 mm and Large format 329 x 660 mm. Printable tacking sheets are first designed, then printed, laminated (recommended) and trimmed before making a hard cover.
Layout design
When designing a cover layout there are a few rules to keep in mind. Cover layout depends on books width, height and thickness and includes necessary allowances for proper folding. See the design graphic to understand required margins and proper placing. Note that some printers do not print on the whole paper area. Instead they leave usually a 3 mm margin on every side that is not printed on even though the file layout is designed to cover the whole surface.
! Verify the maximum sheet size for your printer from the technical specifications section of your printer’s operating manual!
The biggest possible printing sheet size (A3, SRA3, 488 x 329 mm, Ledger or other) may limit the book sizes you can produce. It is not possible to make an A4 or Letter sized hard cover book if your printer can only make A3 or SRA3.

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