TENDO B-100 Tape blades

TENDO B-100 Tape blades
  • Description
    * Material: Steel (Chrome coated & Surface ground).
    * Blade Slope : 10°
    * Blade Thickness : 0.63mm (TENDO’s Blade is almost twice as thick as the average of other dispensers blades).
    * High durability / Corrosion Resistant / Long life span.
    * Compatible with P-1200 and SY-123.
    * 2 Blades/set : Sold individually.
Price: 275 (EURO price without VAT)
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How much and how often do you need to cut?
How many people will need to use your new guillotine?
What size items do you need to cut?
What safety features do you need?

By answering these questions you can be much more confident in your decision. Define your requirements. Identify a number of possible products. Compare them carefully. Read customer reviews. Ask around

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