Fastbind Technology

Fastbind Technology
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Main benefits:

User friendly
Flexible: soft and hard covers, tape binding, lay-flat binding and pads from A6 to SRA3
Small footprint
High quality binding
Cost efficient

Fastbind’s rotary EVA perfect binding system is a modern and unique solution to better binding quality in a cost efficient way.
The book block to be bound is inserted into the clamp equipped with stops which ensure accurate positioning and keep the block well knocked up. The clamp closes precisely to the block thickness and fixes it tightly. The block is rotated spine up. The patented Fastbind paper grain opening system (PGO) breaks the paper surface and opens the paper fibre to increase the surface covered with adhesive.
The adhesive penetrates from above and is forced into the spine of the book, directly into the paper fibre and between fanned sheets providing strong adhesion.
The book block is rotated back into the starting position. The cover is placed and pressed strongly against the book spine from two sides by the unique folding bar, automatically adjusting to the book thickness. This operation both fastens the cover to the block and presses the sheets together, making the binding stronger.

With Fastbind machines you can quickly and easily produce professional-quality hard covers and books with wrap-around covers or pads without cover. Thanks to the unique design, Fastbind machines combine high productivity required for larger print-runs with flexibility essential for smaller jobs. Fastbind equipment is exceptionally compact, silent, and easy to use.

Fastbind benefits:
Designed for digital environment
Fast – no adjustments needed
Silent to use
Can use almost any paper
Virtually dustless

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