Megabind 420 Hot-Melt/PUR Megabind 420 Hot-Melt/PUR
automatically with the binding
adjustable glue cutoff
in 0,1 - 3 mm depth
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  • Megabind 420 Hot-Melt / PUR is an automatic thermal binding machine, which is a larger member of Rigo familys binders. The machine has all the necessary features and more that are required by medium sized printers to meet their production capacity. Available in two modifications: for work with Нot-melt or PUR adhesives. The manufacturer does not restrict the user in choosing the glue to work as long as they meet the minimum requirements for binder operation.
  • RIGO MACHINES promises that working with Megabind 420, users will have, when working with it, firmly glued booklet with square backs, gives the books a professional view, along with the necessary flexibility and efficiency.
    This termobinder is suitable for the production of books on demand for small and / or medium quantities up to A3 size and thickness of the body of 50 mm.
  • The machine has installed (electronically adjustable via the control panel) milling and notching mechanism, which promote better penetration of the adhesive not only on the back of the book body, but in each page separately. Depth of penetration is 0.1 to 3 mm. Their function can be activated and deactivated as it relates to the automatic drive and carriage return holding leaf binder. The opening of the jaws of the carriage can be made to "remember" the thickness of the paper block in order to save production time.
  • The large and touch-sensitive screen of the machine is easy to use and you can literally adjust it with your fingertips! The length of the glue on to thee body and the cover; temperature adjustment of the adhesive; activation of the milling unit; controlling the automatic feeding of the cover; the creasing of the cover; the matching of the body and the cover; the pressing time of the body and the cover to stick; counter, etc.
  • Reliable components are the backbone of every great machine; therefore we have implemented the most stable electronics and electrical components available for us in Megabind 420 Hot-Melt / PUR.
  • Capacity cycles / hour¹ up to 450
  • Min-max binding thickness 0,1 / 50 mm
  • Min. binding length 80 mm
  • Max. binding length up to 420 mm
  • Compressed air supply 6 bar
  • Adjustment of the binding time 1 - 99
  • Max. cover thickness³ up to 350 gr/m²
  • Adjustable cover scoring has
  • Cover feeding system automatic
  • Cover integrated creasing for the spine and hinges
  • Binding cycle counter yes
  • Online remote control equipped
  • Automatic start of the carriage clamp yes
  • Spine preparation fixed milling & notching
  • Heat-up time² 30-45 min
  • Volume of glue container 2 kg
  • Adjustable length regulation of the glue application yes
  • Cover sensor yes
  • Adjustable milling and notching 0,1 - 3 mm
  • Paper dust extractor yes
  • Electronic managment yes
  • Voltage/ Frequency / Current 3~400V/ 1~230V AC, 50-60Hz, 20/32/40 A, 5.5кW
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 242 х 103 х 119 cm
  • Pallet dimensions (W x D x H) 262 x 123 x 139 cm
  • Net/gross weight 600/700 kg
¹ Production time depends on operator. ² Depends of the type of glue is used on to the machine. ³ Depending on specification of material. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.
  • Glue fume extractor - 9011683
  • Tape binding - 9011670



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You can bind faster than you can print

Системата за подвързване Фастбайнд ви позволява да подвържете до три книги в минута. Производителността на даден принтер, печатащ върху картон е приблизително еднаква с тази на Фастбайнд устройствата. Има и по-бързи принтери, които са способни да принтират до три страници в секунда. Тъй като една книга най-често има около 60 и повече страници, една машина Фастбайнд може да подвързва със скорост надвишаваща тази на по-бързите принтери. Например, ако печатате материал с обем от 180 страници – Фастбайнд ще го подвърже три пъти по-бързо, отколкото принтера ще го отпечата.

“Тесен вход” при автоматичното принтиране на книги
(Сравняване на времето отиващо за различните

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