IDEAL 5560 IDEAL 5560
Extremely convenient: Electronic, programmable
control module for the power backgauge with
multi-lingual touch pad.
Safe and convenient blade change without
removing covers.
A cut can be executed conveniently by means
of the patented EASY-CUT blade activating
To be able to enjoy.
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  • IDEAL 5560. Guillotine with hydraulic blade and clamp drive, EASY-CUT, programmable power backgauge with touch pad and IR light beam safety curtain on the front table.
    Hydraulic blade and clamp drive. Equipped with the new, patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars for convenient and safe cutting. Comprehensive SCS safety package: IR light beam safety curtain on the front table; safety cover on the rear table; lockable main switch; electronically controlled true two-hand operation.
  • 24 volt controls (low voltage); safety drive; automatic blade and clamp return from every position; blade changing device with covered cutting edge; blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine; easy blade and cutting stick change from the front of the machine without removing covers. Foot pedal for pre-clamping or as mechanical cutting line indicator. Optical cutting line with bright and durable LEDs.
  • Electric backgauge drive with touch pad for easy setting, multilingual operator guidance and digital display. Measurement readout in cm or inches (display accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch). 99 programs with 99 steps in each program (up to 15 repeat cuts can be integrated into a program as one single program step). Program runs automatically. 10-button key pad for presetting of measurement. Pre-programmed measurements for A3 to A6 standard paper sizes. Memory key for repeat cuts. Automatic SET function for reference measurement via start button. Programmable EJECT function - for pushing out the paper. Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display.
  • Adjusting knob for infinitely variable clamp pressure (min. 200 / max. 1100 daN) and pressure gauge. False clamp plate for delicate work. Solid front table made of die-cast aluminium with stainless steel worktops. Blade made of high quality HSS steel. Hydraulic swing cut for high cutting precision. Die-cast aluminium blade carrier and adjustable blade guides. Aluminium clamp bar. Adjustable blade depth. Sturdy cast iron machine frame. Movable on castors. Complete with practical tool holder and stacking angle. Optional set of side tables (left and right) available at an extra cost.
    Quality "Made in Germany"
  • Cutting length up to 55 cm
  • Cutting height* (70 - 80 gr./m²)¹ 95 mm
  • Paper clamping    electric
  • Table depth backside/ front side 570 / 460 mm
  • Narrow cut    32 / 60 mm
  • Power connection in volts/Hz    230 / 50
  • Dimensions (W х D х H) + stand    107/163 x 140 x 137 cm 
  • Nett weight  + metal table²  350 kg.
  • Order number    55613111
¹ With false clamp. ²  With side table. Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.
  • Air table on front and rear table (model 551-06 LT); side tables right and left.

IDEAL 5560 - Step Cuts Function

  • IDEAL 5560 - Step Cuts Function

  • IDEAL 5255 5260 6655 6660 - features

  • Made in Balingen

  • Cutting Business Cards

  • How to maintenance the guillotine? Advices.

IDEAL 5560
Price: 1097595 (EURO price without VAT )
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