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  • We are an engaged in providing quality made KAYM paper gutting guillotine in various specifications to meet the needs of printing industry. This paper cutter is widely used and appreciated in printing business for it's high efficiency and excellent performance. The paper guillotine has solid construction and suited for processing various materials, as e.g. paper, cardboard, offset printing plates or similar cutting stock. Modern cutting technique allows rational cutting of different products and sizes.
  • High Safety Standard. The guillotine is equipped with electronic safety light barrier. The cut release is activated by a two-hand push-buttons. The down-movement of the blade is immediately stopped when one of the buttons is released. The self-monitoring light barrier operates fully electronically and is maintenance-free. It is constantly activated and subject to a check before each cut. The mechanical safety bolt is an additional feature against double cycling of the blade. As standard, all guillotine functions are monitored and in case of malfunction described on the display.
  • This is a quality made machine built to be reliable and durable. It is a stand-alone device for manual,semi-automatic and fully automatic knife trimming. KAYM 115 PLS paper guillotine has a large 25 cm touch-screen operated PLC control to allow the operator to use on max. all possibilities of the machine. The KAYM 115 PLS ultra-smooth stainless table surface equipped with air jets allows an easy handling of the material.
  • Precision backgauge spindle. KAYM 115 PLS backgauge drive by means of a precision transport spindle which is precisely linked with a solid circular guide. This guide is able to take up high forces with low loss. Should the operator accidentally knock against the backgauge too vigorously, this would not cause any deflection of the backgauge. With this high precision drive, it is possible to move the backgauge up to 92 mm back or forwards.
  • The precise and gentle swing cut is carried out hydraulically. Thus, the time of the blade spent in the lower dead end can be adapted to the material. Within a wide setting range the clamping pressure can be adjusted infinitely to each cutting material by means of a turning knob with scale. Bright LEDs mark the cutting line clearly visible for the operator. Thanks to the new knife-changing tool (where you have the blade lift with setting gauge) with automatic knife fine-adjustment, operator can do this job easy and quickly. Adjusting of the blade carrier and switch-off the guillotine are not necessary.
  • A graphics-capable touch screen serves for visualizing all operating functions. Clearly understandable symbols make the machine easy and intuitively to operate. The creation of the cutting programs is done either manually or menu-driven and intuitively via block programming. To optimize the cutting quality the pre-clamping time can be adjusted according to the material. Only currently relevant information to the current job and executable actions are displayed.
  • The guillotine can be rationally used as stand-alone unit or integrated in your finishing system. Program generation is menu-guided and covers a variety of cutting jobs, e.g. Single cut, Program cut, Repeat cut, Clamping without cut, etc. In addition to the standard equipment, it is possible to order a number of options for our paper trimmer. Based on your specific needs we can upgrade your KAYM guillotine and optimize it to your workflows.
  • Cutting length up to 1150 mm
  • Cutting height (without false plate)¹ 165 mm
  • Feeding depth 915 mm
  • Front table length 1150 mm
  • Narrow cut without false plate, manual 25 mm
  • Narrow cut with false plate, automatically 85 mm
  • Table height 900 mm
  • Knife grinding reserve max 45 mm
  • Knife speed (by direct command) 45 cycles / min.
  • Min. / max. clamp pressure 150/4.500 daN
  • Power connection in volts/Hz 380 / 50 / 3
  • Motor capacity in Kw 5,5
  • Backgauge Power Supply in Kw 0,75
  • Dimensions (W х D х H) + stand 3376 x 2570 x 1860
¹ With false clamp. ²  With side table. Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.
  • Waste conveyor belt
    A conveyor belt located under the delivery ensures automatic disposal of the trimming waste.
  • Automatic waste disposal unit. Particles, strips are disposed of underneath the front-table. Disposal of any sharp cut strips without any risk of injuries. This waste disposal option is an effective rationalising tool, which increase the productivity of the guillotine by approx. 20-30 %
  • Micro air-table. To optimise the air-cushion, we can offer you instead of "ball nozzles" - "micro-air-nozzles".
  • Automatic side feeders and lifters.


  • KAYM 115 PLS

  • KAYM 115 PD

  • KAYM 115 PLS versioin 2

  • KAYM 78 paper cutter

  • KAYM 60 EA

  • KAYM 48 PD

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Why HSS type of steel is being used to make knives guillotines?

Високоскоростна стомана (от англ. High Speed Steel HSS)
Високоскоростна стомана (HSS или HS) е подгрупа на инструменталните стомани, обикновено използвани в работните инструменти и режещите инструменти. Когато се използва в машинно срещу твърдосплавен инструмент всъщност се реже материала, а не го “стриже”. Тази стомана често се използва в електрическите гилотини, триони и свредла. Тази стомана е по-добра от по-старите високовъглеродни стомани широко използвани през 1940 г. с това, че могат да издържат на високи температури без да губи своята нрав (твърдост). Това свойство позволява на HSS да реже по-бързо от високо въглеродната стомана, откъдето идва и името й високоскоростна стомана.

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