IDEAL the 56 IDEAL the 56
in one place
via 40-cm tablet
IR light beam safety curtain
Infinitely variable speed control
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  • Next-generation programmable powered guillotine – for increased efficiency and productivity by working smarter. With IR light beam safety curtain and hydraulic clamp drive.. The ergonomic working height guarantees effortless, fatigue-free operation. Well-designed digital functions, intuitive controls, and easy to use: THE 56 makes guillotine work easier and more satisfying than ever – even on demanding projects. Enjoy optimised workflows and flawless precision.
  • Significant improvements over current models: - 40% faster paper pressing and cutting; with 50% higher pressure of the clamp; instant switching between 3 measuring scales - MM-SM-INCH; 56 cm cutting width; 100% faster backgauge; electronic lock with PIN code and security of the guillotine.
  • The manual fine adjustment of the backgauge
    ensures maximum precision – user-friendly via
    the ergonomic control element at the front of
    the machine with infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast).
    Optical cutting line with bright and durable LEDs. Convenient two-hand operation via patented two-step blade activating bars with separate trigger points for blade and clamp. Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display. Clamp guided on both sides for evenly distributed clamping pressure. Spindle guided backgauge for precise positioning.
  • Program mode
    Single step display with active/inactive settings, cutting steps are separately editable, freely editable text field for customer-specific information.
  • File manager.
    Folder system with freely assignable tasks, selection of projects via USB, meaningful project names, and a time-saving search function.
  • Adjustable defaults
    Operator-specific default clamping pressure and backgauge speed, automatic loading at switch-on
  • Interactive assistance
    Assistance swapping blades via animated videos, integrated help/FAQ in program, updates via download to the USB stick.
  • Redefining efficient guillotining:
    IDEAL THE 56 is so smart that you’re no longer forced
    to choose between precision and productivity. EASYTOUCH:
    simple and safe two-hand cut release – via push buttons with illuminated coloured status
    display • Infinitely dimmable front table illumination (LEDs). nfinitely dimmable, switchable
    optical cutting line with luminous LEDs. Ergonomic control element for manual adjustment of
    the backgauge position. Table height ergonomically adjustable from 950 to 1000 mm.
  • Adjustable backgauge with narrow separations and plastic gliders. Optical cutting line with bright and durable LEDs. Three-step front table illumination (LEDs). Two side lays each on front and rear tables. Solid all-metal construction. Complete with stand, storage shelf, practical tool holder and stacking angle. Optional set of side tables available at an extra cost.
    Quality "Made in Germany"
  • Integrated tool storage at the front of the machine (incl. tools). Solid all-metal construction provides the necessary stability. Lift
    truck compatible stand with storage shelf.
  • Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand, guillotine work has never been easier. In other word, here you meet -
    Precision. Clean edges with every cut, precision-bearing blade guide electronically monitored false clamp plate manual fine adjustment of the backgauge.
  • Electrically operated backgauge control, individually programmable via touchscreen. Programme
    view: current program steps are displayed in the wheeler. Multilingual operator guidance. Units of measurement can be changed at any time. Selectable in mm / cm / inch (display accuracy to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch). Thousands of programs with any number of program steps storable (up to 99 repeat cut sequences can be integrated into a program as one single program step). Program runs automatically. Direct input of measurements via numeric keypad for manual work. Integrated calculator (four basic arithmetic operations). Automatic SET function for reference measurement. EJECT function – for pushing out the paper – can be integrated into cutting programmes.
  • Multilingual operator's manual. Operation and management of programs through a 39.6 cm touch screen. Intuitive software with comprehensive features and touch gestures - just like a tablet or smartphone. Electrical control of the rear alignment, which is individually programmable via a touch screen. Program view: the current program steps are displayed on the wheel.
  • Cutting lenght up to 560 mm
  • Cutting hight 80 mm
  • Paper clamping  hydraulic
  • Blade movement electro-mechanical
  • Table depth backside  560 mm
  • Narrow cut <15 / 60 mm
  • Power connection in volts 230 V / 50 Hz / 1,42 кW
  • Dimensions (W х D х H) 1523 x 979 x 1211 mm
  • Dimensions with side tables (W х D х H) 1523 x 1779 x 1211 mm
  • Nett weight + side tables 303/315 kg.
  • EAN ...
  • Order Number 56801011
  • GS certificate1 yes
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Side table is an option, should be ordered separately. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. ¹ The Geprüfte Sicherheit ("Tested Safety") or GS mark is a voluntary certification mark for technical equipment. It indicates that the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements for such devices. The main difference between GS and CE mark is that the compliance with the European safety requirements has been tested and certified by a state-approved independent body. CE marking, in contrast, is issued for the signing of a declaration that the product is in compliance with European legislation. The GS mark is based on the German Equipment and Product Safety Act ("Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz", or "GPSG". Although the GS mark was designed with the German market in mind, it appears on a large proportion of electronic products and machinery sold elsewhere in the world. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.
Number of sheets that guillotine can cut : 899
  • Side tables (left/right) for IDEAL THE 56.
    Order number 2720214
  • Cladding parts complete for stand THE 56

    Order number 2722062
  • Cutting sticks 9000035 for IDEAL THE 56

  • Spare knife 9000034 for THE 56
    Order number 9000034
  • Stacking angle 9000521
    Stacking angle for IDEAL 4700 – 7260

    Order number 9000521

IDEAL the56 Guillotine

  • IDEAL the56 Guillotine

  • IDEAL the56 - Guillotine presentation

  • Made in Balingen

  • How to maintenance the guillotine? Advices.

IDEAL the 56
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Why HSS type of steel is being used to make knives guillotines?

Високоскоростна стомана (от англ. High Speed Steel HSS)
Високоскоростна стомана (HSS или HS) е подгрупа на инструменталните стомани, обикновено използвани в работните инструменти и режещите инструменти. Когато се използва в машинно срещу твърдосплавен инструмент всъщност се реже материала, а не го “стриже”. Тази стомана често се използва в електрическите гилотини, триони и свредла. Тази стомана е по-добра от по-старите високовъглеродни стомани широко използвани през 1940 г. с това, че могат да издържат на високи температури без да губи своята нрав (твърдост). Това свойство позволява на HSS да реже по-бързо от високо въглеродната стомана, откъдето идва и името й високоскоростна стомана.

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