Fastbind BooXTer Duo Fastbind BooXTer Duo
1 button controls everything.
Shredder is designed for long-term use.
Useful and beautiful wooden case.
Take care of your security.
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  • Fastbind BooXTer Duo: Easy to use professional binding solution

    Fastbind BooXTer Duo offers an excellent binding result, with any materials thanks to its powerful electronic stapling unit; it handles photo paper and coated stock as easily as normal copy paper, so you can bind professional books, reports or photo albums in a few seconds.
  • Fastbind BooXTer Duo offers the widest range of finishing solutions: Hard covers, soft covers, paper covers, stripe backs, simple stapled-back binding... you quickly produce your documents in any format, up to SRA3 and you easily go from one finishing method to another, without intermediary set-ups or special adjustments. Quick and easy
  • Ergonomic design

    Thanks to its ergonomic design, you enjoy hours of continuous work without fatigue, whether you prefer sit or stand. You efficiently organize your supplies and covers in the built-in shelves.
  • Easy to use
    A transparent window offers an optimum view to the illuminated stapled area. The positioning deck and the adjustable back support ensure a perfect alignment every time; the equal stapling distance is optimized for the best results.
  • Binding speed*  5-8 sec. / 5-8 sec.
  • Staples in a cassette  5000 рcs / 5000 pcs
  • Max binding sizes 8 mm / 0.32''
  • Мin. binding size from DIN A6 mm / from 4.5x6''
  • Мax binding size up to DIN A3 mm / up to 13''
  • Cover thickness up to 5 mm / up to 0.20''
  • CStaples size 8 and 10 mm / 8 and 10 mm'
  • Electrical specifications  220-240 V / 50-60 Hz /110-115 / 50-60Hz
  • Max current 4А / 4А
  • Package dimensions (W x L x H) 56 х 56 х 40 сm / 22 х 22 х 15.8''
  • Machine dimensions (W х L х H) 46 x 43 x 35 см / 18.2 х 17 х 18.8''
  • Weight netto/brutto 14 / 16 кGg / 31 / 36 lbs
*Depend of the operators experience Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance .

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  • Hard Cover Book with Window

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You can bind faster than you can print

Системата за подвързване Фастбайнд ви позволява да подвържете до три книги в минута. Производителността на даден принтер, печатащ върху картон е приблизително еднаква с тази на Фастбайнд устройствата. Има и по-бързи принтери, които са способни да принтират до три страници в секунда. Тъй като една книга най-често има около 60 и повече страници, една машина Фастбайнд може да подвързва със скорост надвишаваща тази на по-бързите принтери. Например, ако печатате материал с обем от 180 страници – Фастбайнд ще го подвърже три пъти по-бързо, отколкото принтера ще го отпечата.

“Тесен вход” при автоматичното принтиране на книги
(Сравняване на времето отиващо за различните

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