Fastbind C 400 Fastbind C 400
Two alignment bars
то can make two different setups.
Heavy-duty creaser
Adjustable creasing power.
Precise creases
Special step-shape guides enable you to make up to 4 creases without readjustment.
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  • Fastbind’s C400 manual creaser is optimized for Fastbind Hot Melt Perfect Binders. The C400 makes the crease using a precision creasing bar. Special step-shape guides enable you to make up to four creases without readjustment. The C400’s versatility and consistent pressure guarantee a sharp regular crease in card, paper, PVC coated cardboard, and numerous other materials.
  • Adjustable Creasing Power
    Although manually operated, you can adjust the C400 to consistently give a deeper or shallower crease using the adjusters located under the creasing bar.
  • wo Alignment Guides. Fastbind’s C400 is developed specially to crease book covers and cards for Print On Demand environment. With two alignment guides, you can make two different set-ups for the dimensions you want to use. (For example to fold letter size sheet into a three-sided pattern, or to make four creases for a book cover).
  • Max. creasing thickness¹    400 g/m²
  • Max. creasing width    400 mm
  • Need of table space    54 x 61 mm
  • Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)    59 x 69 x 17 cm
  • Box dimensions (W x D x H)    61 x 60 x 13 cm
  • Net/gross weight    11 / 13 kg
Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. ¹Depends on material characteristics. The technical data is approximate. Possible changes in price without a notice. 2 PS. We strive description, photos and specifications to be completely authentic. Unfortunately, due to the large number of items that are available, it is inevitable that sometimes errors appear. Please let us know if you notice a mistake. Thank you in advance.

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Fastbind C 400
Price: 41624 (EURO price without VAT )
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