Trays for CD / DVD

Trays for CD / DVD
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  • We offer black and transparent CD trays, trays for DVD or Blue ray discs, which can carry 1 or 2 discs.
    To distinguish more easily disks we conventionally divide them into CD and DVD/Blue ray types. Naturally, it does not matter what kind of digital media will put in place, because all of them have the same size. When we say CD tray, we mean smaller almost square tray for disks, and when talking about the DVD we mean those that are almost A5 format. The whole separation is entirely conditional and is only for your convenience. Orders less than specified amounts unfortunately can not be executed.
Option Tray for Color Size In box Price per 1 pc.
DVD 1 disc black 188х135 mm 200 units 0,13 euro
DVD 1 disc transparent 188х135 mm 200 0,14 euro
CD 1 disc black 125х135 mm 200 0,10 euro
CD 1 disc transparent 125х135 mm 200 0,13 euro
DVD 2 discs black 188х135 mm 200 0,17 euro
DVD 2 discs transparent 188х135 mm 200 0,18 euro
Price are in Euro without VAT. For orders less than 60 Euro in total we have to charge you additional 5 Euro for administrative costs for counting, packing and organizing delivery!
Please keep in mind the calculation of the additional amount when placing a request!
It is not possible to fulfil orders for less than indicated in the table minimum quantities. Please, kindly understand.
Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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