Binding screws

Binding screws
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  • Тhese Chicago binding screws are used for Book binding leather assembly, leather-craft work etc.Chicago screws, also known as binding posts, bookbinding screws posts or inter-screws are a simple way for binding your documents and leather assemblies. These are sued with photograph albums and change and add pages easily. Place a binding screws in the corner of your marketing material for an innovative look.
  • Great for sample swatches so your customers can find out the many of available choices. Available in brass and silver (nickel) in a range of sizes as well as extensions for extra thickness.
    Thread M4.
    Lengths on stock: 5mm, 7mm and 15mm.
    Finish: Nickel plated, Chrome plated, Zinc plated.
ID № Type Thickness Package Price per set
123 nickel colour 5 mm pack 110 units 0.17 Euro
112 brass colour 5 mm pack 110 units 0.19 Euro
290 nickel colour 7 mm pack 110 units 0.22 Euro
272 brass colour 7 mm pack 110 units 0.24 Euro
315 nickel / brass colour 15 mm pack 110 units 0.33 Euro
Price are in Euro without VAT.
It is not possible to fulfill orders for less than indicated in the table minimum quantities!
Please, kindly understand.
Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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