Paper drill bits

Paper drill bits
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  • We offer a variety of drills and punches for making holes. They are suitable for a range of devices: Uchida, Nagel, Citoborma, Ledah, Durselen, Stago, Ozfold, Hang, Corta and LMM. Some of them are even for devices produced by nameless and unknown Chinese companies. Please refer to the model and the radius of the drill before you make a request
  • We can also offer the following special services:
    - Polishing the inside diameter
    - Cutting edge protection
    - Textile version (outer section)
    - Color indication ring
    In addition to standard steel construction, we also offer special solutions with a coating of:
    - Teflon
    - Tungsten carbide
    - Titan
    - Hard chrome
    We are sharpening the used drill bits!
Part Number Size Hole Drilling capacity Full Length Price
UBST020 2 25 мм 60 мм 59,77 euro
UBST025 2,5 25 мм 60 мм 63,65 euro
UBST030 3 32 mm 67 mm 17,60 euro
UBST035 3,5 32 mm 67 mm 17,60 euro
UBST040 4 40 mm 76 mm 17,03 euro
UBST045 4,5 40 mm 76 mm 18,25 euro
UBST050 5 50 mm 86 mm 17,60 euro
UBST055 5.5 50 mm 86 mm 17,60 euro
UBST060 6 50 mm 86 mm 14,60 euro
UBST065 6.5 50 mm 86 mm 14,87 euro
UBST070 7 50 mm 86 mm 14,87 euro
UBST080 8 50 mm 86 mm 15,21 euro
UBST0901 9 50 mm 86 mm 22,86 euro
UBST0100 10 50 mm 86 mm 23,97 euro
Design, price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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Which type of paper drill I have to use?

Some useful information before you commit to the desired drill.

As a result of lessons learned over the years have developed three types of drills depending on their purpose. The main difference is in the application to work with different types of materials / media, ICE have the best quality indicators. Who are these species? PTFE (blue mark): stainless steel with Teflon coating , designed for drilling of laminated paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber.

Class 1 ( green marking ): relatively low price of stainless steel to suit all hand drills .

HD ( yellow marking ): of stainless steel, are covered with a

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