• Card Creaser Deluxe

    Card Creaser Deluxe

    • Up to 6 times faster than low-end handle or foot pedal creasers
    • Produces a full range of digital stocks
    • Comes with two tools as standard
    • Perfect crease registration every time
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  • CreaseStream Mini

    CreaseStream Mini

    • With the possibility of perforation and slitting
    • 100% Performance Guarantee
    • Easy setup and quick operation
    • Compact and productive
    • Also suitable for laminated media
    • More than 1000 creases per hour
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  • Paperfox KB-32

    Paperfox KB-32

    • Punching Euro holes in paper, foil, plastic, leather etc.
    • Creasing cartoon, paper
    • Punching individual holes with custom tailored tools
    • Heavy duty metal construction
    • You can crease even the sensitive digital prints because the rubber creasing plate eliminates the fiber cracking
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  • Fastbind-С 47е

    Fastbind-С 47е

    • Large format electric creaser
    • Max creasing width 47
    • Light and compact table top unit
    • Creases soft covers, photos, pictures, cards, menus...
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  • Fastbind C 500

    Fastbind C 500

    • Manual creasing for large formats
    • 1-4 creases with one setup
    • Precise creases
    • Creases up to 400 g/m² carton
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  • Fastbind C 400

    Fastbind C 400

    • Manual creasing machine
    • 1-4 creases with one setup
    • Precise creases
    • Versatile applications
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  • CreaseStream Quick-feed

    CreaseStream Quick-feed

    • Processes up to 3,000 sheets per hour
    • Unique sheet separator for continuous feeding
    • No vacuum pump and no noise
    • Simple-to-turn rotary handle
    • Accepts average feed stack of sheets
    • No electrical input required
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