• Touchline CP375 DUO

    Touchline CP375 DUO

    • Perforates and creases simultaneously
    • Can perforate paper up to 300 gr./m2
    • Folds media up to 400 gr./m2
    • Can take paper up to 375 x 1050 mm
    • Impressive maximum speed of 6000 folds per/hr
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  • Touchline C375 plus

    Touchline C375 plus

    • Basic model with option for future upgrade
    • Can take paper up to 375 x 1050 mm
    • Impressive maximum speed of 6000 creases per/hr
    • Rotary and cross perforation.
    • Stop perforation in both directions!
    • Creasing and perforating
    • Up and down Creasing
    • Up to 4 perforating heads
    • Online options for folding
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  • Paperfox KB-32

    Paperfox KB-32

    • Punching Euro holes in paper, foil, plastic, leather etc.
    • Creasing cartoon, paper
    • Punching individual holes with custom tailored tools
    • Heavy duty metal construction
    • You can crease even the sensitive digital prints because the rubber creasing plate eliminates the fiber cracking
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  • Fastbind C 500

    Fastbind C 500

    • Manual creasing for large formats
    • 1-4 creases with one setup
    • Precise creases
    • Creases up to 400 g/m² carton
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  • Fastbind C 400

    Fastbind C 400

    • Manual creasing machine
    • 1-4 creases with one setup
    • Precise creases
    • Versatile applications
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  • CreaseStream Quick-feed

    CreaseStream Quick-feed

    • Processes up to 3,000 sheets per hour
    • Unique sheet separator for continuous feeding
    • No vacuum pump and no noise
    • Simple-to-turn rotary handle
    • Accepts average feed stack of sheets
    • No electrical input required
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  • Paperfox R-760

    Paperfox R-760

    • Slitting the selfadhesive paper or foil
    • Slitting the back of the adhesive labels to help to remove the backing paper
    • Slitting card or plastic sheets before folding
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  • Paperfox R-761

    Paperfox R-761

    • Robust matal construction
    • Electric sensor helps to set the knives to proper position
    • The delivery tray can be set to proper position
    • The belt pulley is entirely closed
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