• Spare knives for EBA, IDEAL

    Spare knives for EBA, IDEAL

    • For old and new models IDEAL and EBA
    • The blade is made of HSS steel
    • Packed in a special case
    • Steel type "Solingen"
    • Quality and sharpness in one place
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  • Trays for CD / DVD

    Trays for CD / DVD

    • CD / DVD / Blue Ray trays
    • To insertion of 1 or 2 disks
    • Transparent and black
    • From quality plastic
    • Available in stock
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  • Binding screws

    Binding screws

    • They are perfect for маде samples kits
    • Available in "gold" and "silver" color
    • Wide range of sizes and extensions
    • Available in stock
    • Sold in packs of 110 sets
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  • Paper drill bits

    Paper drill bits

    • Drills are made from special steel.
    • Inside it is hollow to pass clippings during the operation.
    • Designed for drilling holes in paper and cardboard.
    • Size from 2 to 13 mm hole
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  • Disk magnets

    Disk magnets

    • We offer magnets with different thicknesses and diameters.
    • Different shapes (circle, cube, cylinder, etc.)
    • Built in boxes, folders, menus, etc.
    • All have the highest residual magnetization
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  • Cutting sticks for guillotines

    Cutting sticks for guillotines

    • Original product with quality assurance
    • Extends the "life" of blade and saves money
    • Made from special material
    • Without abrasive and designed to cut paper
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  • Foil Fusing Foils

    Foil Fusing Foils

    • New technology for transfer of metallic film on to printed media.
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  • Book corners

    Book corners

    • Metal corners for your books, photo albums, menus
    • We offer a variety of shapes and colors
    • You can place quickly and easily
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  • Glue cleaner

    Glue cleaner

    • The only agent that cleans MX-II or RP-15 adhesive
    • It has a pleasant aroma and responsiveness
    • Package 1 liter
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