• Foil Fusing Foils

    Foil Fusing Foils

    We offer a wide range of colors and patterns fusing stamping foil. All of them allow you to create even more original printed materials and unleash your imagination. Please remember that they are just for toner-covered media and are not Read more
  • Foam board

    Foam board

    Foam board gives covers a padded effect. You can’t see it… but you can feel it. Read more
  • Book corners

    Book corners

    Brass binding screws are ideal for making swatches, brochures, albums and menu. We can offer more than 30 different sizes and types of book corners. Please check it out. Read more
  • Binding screws

    Binding screws

    Brass binding screws are ideal for making swatches, brochures, albums and menus.  They are simple to use, punch a 6mm hole in the product, insert the base through the hole and put in the screw.  Easy to undo if you Read more
  • Ring binder mechanisms

    Ring binder mechanisms

    For production of different types of folders, binders, menus, цlipboards, etc., we can offer different ring binder mechanisms (D, O or Q profile and 2 or 4 rings). Looking for special formats? Please ask! Read more
  • Disk magnets

    Disk magnets

    Magnets and magnets. Here you can find a wide variety of shapes (circle, cube, cylinder, etc.) and thickness. All are nickel-plated and ready for use immediately, having great power of gravity. Read more
  • Ready to use hard covers

    Ready to use hard covers

    Max print size (W x L)    6426 x 946 mm Min album size (W x L)    50 x 50 mm Max album size with extension table (W x L)    470 x 420 mm Max album size without extension table (W Read more
  • Fastbind Executive soft covers™

    Fastbind Executive soft covers™

    This Executive soft covers will give your printed material significance and dignity. The soft cover is made of high quality embossed cardboard (220 g/m²) for the back and transparent face film (200 microns). Available in different colors (black, royal blue, Read more
  • Fastbind Manager soft covers™

    Fastbind Manager soft covers™

      Fastbind Manager Soft Covers™ are made of stylish and durable leather imitation material. One cover size suits all binding thicknesses up to 40 mm. There are two types of Manager Soft Covers: full card and with a transparent front. Read more
  • Fastbind Manager strips™

    Fastbind Manager strips™

      Можете да използвате патентованите Фастбайнд Мениджър самозалепващи ленти заедно с новото поколение термозалепващи машини Фастбайнд (Секура, Елит и Ултра). Те ще Ви позовлят да прикрепяте към книжното тяло две различни една от друга корици ( за лицето и гърба). Read more
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