• Glue cleaner

    Glue cleaner

    The only detergent allows you to remove / clean MX-II or RP-15 adhesive from all surfaces: guillotines, tables, machines etc. It has a pleasant smell and quick action. Packing 1 litre. Read more
  • Shredder oil

    Shredder oil

    Use shredder oil and you’ll have a shredder. Don’t use shredder oil, and you’ll have a shredder for a couple months, then you’ll have an expensive trash-can because it’ll burn out. You need to use it for your own good. Read more
  • Fastbind glue

    Fastbind glue

    Fastbind hot melt adhesive is a strong adhesive made especially for Fastbind perfect binders. It is odourless and tested for workplace safety. Read more
  • RP Hot Melt Adhesive

    RP Hot Melt Adhesive

    Designed for doing album book blocks, duplexing, business cards and invitations. Contact adhesive. After coating media, mount within 3 minutes. Provides a permanent bond to all surfaces. Provides a stiffer bond than MXII. Cures over time so when trimming stacks Read more
  • Rollataq glue

    Rollataq glue

    Thanks Rollataq will no longer have problems with the adhesive or coating is any paper surfaces. If you work with some of our Rollataq devices average cost of adhesive per square meter will be around 1-1,5 eurocents Read more
  • MXII Hot Melt Adhesive

    MXII Hot Melt Adhesive

    Our most popular adhesive! Sticks to all surfaces including metal, plastic and wood etc. Designed for use in most applications except doing book blocks for albums and duplexing cover stock material. Pressure sensitive adhesive. Unsurpassed, permanent adhesion. Unlimited open time-never Read more
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